Insurance Law Lesson 54: Pop Quiz

Harvey Weinstein is being sued by several … insurance companies. Wait, what? Why is he being sued by insurance companies? What did he do to them?

Weinstein claims that these insurers have a duty to defend him (Lessons 21-23) in the other lawsuits filed against him. The insurers feel otherwise.

The insurers have asked the court to issue a declaratory judgment (Lessons 41, 43) that they have no duties of insurance coverage to him in connection with the lewd conduct.

Weinstein sought coverage under many different policies under which he might be covered (Lessons 5, 7, 10), and many different types of policies (Lessons 1, 15).

The insurers claim that their policies do not apply because the womens’ lawsuits against Weinstein are for intentional and/or criminal conduct (Lesson 19, 20, 45). Weinstein claims innocence, and that certain policies should apply anyway.

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Now that you are an expert, what do you think?

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